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Sprinkler blowout in Colorado Springs is where a professional will attach an air compressor to the system and literally “blow out” the water from the lines, pipes and other parts.

A professional knows how much volume and pressure to use when blowing out sprinklers, as many do-it-yourselfers typically use an insufficient volume of air and after having forced some water out, the air will ride over the top of the remaining water.

This results in the remaining water draining into low spots and subjecting the system to freeze damage.

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Do I need to be home and how should I prepare to get sprinkler blowout?

No, you do not need to be home at the time of service. If you are not home please make sure a gate is unlocked and all dogs are put away. Make sure to shut off the water source to your sprinkler system prior to my arrival.

If I am not there then how can I pay you.?

You can leave a check or cash or call in with a credit/debit card.

How often should I have my sprinklers blown out?

You only need to have your sprinkler system winterized once a year. Make sure to winterize your system before the season’s first hard freeze. Thereafter there is no guarantees or warranty that all the water can be flushed out of your system and you will not sustain costly damage. Just because you did not blow them out during the first hard freeze, get them blown out as soon as possible. The longer it freezes outside the farther down the freeze travels in the soil. If you do not blow them out you are virtually guaranteeing a disaster which will cost you a lot of money to repair. In some cases the entire sprinkler system may have to be replaced.

Do you offer a service to come and turn my system back on in the spring?

Yes, Sprinkler Startup is $45.00 for 2 Zones and $10 for each additional Zone.


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